Artist • Photographer • Storyteller • Scientist • Environmentalist • Gardener • Husband • Teacher • Dad

I am captivated by the age-old schisms of Western thought sometimes known as the Cartesian split.  It is that collision of paradigms between faith and empiricism, logic and intuition, embodiments of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It is through a science degree and an understanding of the physical world that I first sought a relationship with my surroundings. But the world seems no less full of mystery and magic because of it. My perceptions, and hence my images, often function between faith and logic, pointing a finger at ineffable experience, complexity, power, fragility, politics and mystery.


All images copyright Michael Marshall. All rights reserved. 

For the past fifteen years Michael Marshall’s work has explored the intersections of science and the left brained sensibility of intuition and emotion, a mirror of his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Studio Art. Over that time the work has ranged from delicate platinum prints to mixed media constructions of digital printing, encaustic and wood. His newest work is a series engaging power, politics and sustainability in the landscape. He is currently the Associate Director of Curriculum and Professor of Photography at the University of Georgia.